What I’m Making: Regency Gown

Hi friends! This post will hopefully be the first of the “What I’m making series”! I’m super excited about it and I hope y’all enjoy reading it!

I’ve dreamed of owning a Regency gown ever since I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I totally fell in love with the costumes. After watching the 2009 BBC version of Emma I really wanted a pink regency gown.

When I heard about a Regency ball this coming September, I knew now was a perfect time to sew my dream gown! A couple weeks ago mom came across a bolt of pink linen at Walmart (of all places, I know!) for a really cheap price, and I was like “perfect! Let’s sew a regency gown!”.

That weekend I made a dress. And… I wasn’t happy about how it turned out… the sleeves too puffy (i have this weird thing with poofy clothing on me…), the skirt too heavy and the bodice, in general, was just too something. So, I decided to make a different bodice and alter the skirt. Today I am going to show you the second attempt at sewing my dream Regency gown.

Here we go!


I always press my pattern pieces before starting a project. I use a very low heat setting and no steam.

I made a mock-up first since I was altering the pattern a good bit.


Old green and white striped fabric make the perfect mock-up material.


Cutting out, pressing and pinning the bodice.


Stitching and pressing the bodice back.


I love this machine and these AWESOME features. for instance, click and button and boom your thread is cut! IMG_2333

Mock-up complete. Good thing I made a mock-up because there were several things I needed to change. 🙂IMG_2334

sticking notes on my mockup before making the real thing


All my pieces of linen and lining cut out.


sewing the lining together


my cat joined me during the process


he gets easily sleepy…. Isn’t he cute though? I love my Sterling!


sewing the bodice together


clipping corners and trimming seam allowance

IMG_2357It’s sewn!


ripping off the original bodice to replace with the new and improved one!


the bodice is attached to the skirt!


There are some slight adjustments to be made, sleeves to be sewn and the skirt needs to be hemmed still, but that is what is done so far.

I am hoping this series leads to a series called, “What I Made” which will hopefully be photos of me in the completed project and more details about it. So stayed tuned!

Thanks for reading!